Wednesday, 15 June 2011

More Bargain Buys

Got a few more bargains in the charity shop yesterday. One of my bargains was a pair of new linen trousers, they even had the labels still on them.

It's amazing how many clothes are sent to charity shops that have not even been worn and still have labels attached. I also bought two summer vests.

Lets hope the summer sun returns so I can get some wear out of them.

Well my pasta salad I made the other day all got eaten and it was lovely so today I made a different salad.

I had a bowl of spaghetti  left from our meal last night so I chopped this up then mixed with a tin of mixed beans. I roasted the peppers and finely sliced them and added them with half a finely chopped onion. I flaked a packet of peppered mackerel fillets and squeezed over the juice of a lemon. I added some parsley and also added some chopped cherry tomatoes and gave it all a good mix.

Lunch  and my pack up for work sorted for a few more days.

Going to drop daughter No3 at college to have her hair dyed by her sister now. She's going in to model for daughter No2 who's doing a hairdressing course. She's rather excited as it's the first time she's had a colour on her hair ( she's only having a semi-permanent colour)  so bye for now.

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