Sunday, 28 August 2011

Lazy Day

I have had a nice lazy day which started off with Christmas shopping! Daughter No1 showed me a dolls house she had bought my grandaughter for Christmas and showed me some of the accessories that she would like to be bought for the house as gifts for Christmas. So I have ordered my first Christmas gifts this morning which Hubby was rather disgusted at. I know lots of you out there will have stacks of presents already and will think I am rather late getting my first gifts. Now I've started I shall be on a roll. I asked daughter No3 to start thinking about what she wants for Christmas and shall start my Christmas file shortly. This is a file I do every year with my budget, what I buy every person, what I cook each year and how much I spend on food and drink. 

I had a lazy morning today then took my dog for a long walk. I went blackberry picking. All my favourite blackberry haunts are so overgrown this year I just can't get near them.

I take a bag with me on every walk and collect a few berries each time and then freeze them. When I have enough to make some blackberry jelly daughter No3 and I get jam making. 

The house has been very quiet today. Hubby has been out at the cricket club playing cricket and doing very well at it which continued with celebratory drinks at the club until this evening. Daughter No2 went to York to stay with a friend for the night and daughter No3 has just been occupying herself in her room this afternoon.

Have you enjoyed your Sunday? Have you got a lay in tomorrow or are you one of the unlucky ones who have to work on a Bank Holiday?


  1. I envy your Christmas organisation - I have good intentions every year but every year Christmas seems to creep up on me, probably because I keep thinking about it but keep saying to myself - "loads of time yet" then.. whoops suddenly its a week or two away. I swear this year will be different - it will? won't it??

  2. What a lovely lazy day. You're another cricket widow, like me. I've got a few Christmas presents already sorted, just little stocking fillers really, I don't start the main shopping until after October half term.