Thursday, 11 August 2011

Got lots of these, need lots of these

I've got lots of these,

Homegrown courgettes
so I need lots of these.

Empty jars
My courgettes are doing well but I have a glut and was struggling to work out what to do with them. I had a search on the Internet last night and now have a nice pile of recipes to use them up. I've a recipe for courgette bread, courgette soup, courgette chutney and courgette & chocolate cake. I'm going to start with a courgette chutney.

For jams and chutneys you need lots of jars. I don't buy new ones. I save any jar of any size to reuse in my jam making. Above is a picture of a mayo jar I finished yesterday and a pesto jar. Jars are great for storing herbs and spices and I just used one the other day to store some smoked chillies I had opened and wanted to make sure I lost none of the flavour. So if your thinking of starting jam or chutney making, save your money and start saving any jars you have finished to reuse.

Off on my holidays tomorrow but shall still try and blog most days if I'm not too tired and don't get in too late.

Bye for now.  : )

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