Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Good clearout day

Started the day with some ironing then onto the girls bedrooms. Been wanting to clear out their wardrobes and drawers for ages. Got daughter No3 to sort through all the junk in her wardrobe whilst I showed her all her clothes and threw a pile on the bed she did not want anymore. We got a huge pile of rubbish for the bin and paper to recycle and a big pile of clothes for the charity bag and a small pile for the rag bag.

We went for a nice walk with the dog then it was time to sort out daughter No2's room. She never throws out any old clothes so her wardrobe is always overflowing with stuff. Well she was rather ruthless today and we got rid of loads. Both girls even sorted through their underwear drawers and sock drawers.

This is the amount of bags we got to give to charity and for charity rags. I recycled lots of paper and put plenty in the rubbish bin. Feels a lot better now we can see what's in the wardrobe and drawers.

We had roasted vegetables tonight and I roasted them in this...

The oil leftover from a jar of sundried tomatoes antipasti. Don't throw the oils from olives or any other type of jared veg in oil. Use it in salad dressings or for roasting things, it gives them a lovely flavour.


  1. Hi Karen

    Just found your blog and it looks really interesting. Trying to live life as frugally as possible at the moment, so hoping to find lots of inspiration as well as pick up lots of tips.

    Great decluttering and use of left over oil-very creative.

    Saving for Travel (SFT)

  2. Doesn't it feel good decluttering. I say two things out for every one thing in. It doesn't always work though!
    Love from Mum
    PS Meanqueen at is trying to get a record number of comments today. I'm sure she'd love a visit.

  3. Hi mum, I love decluttering, I get a lot of satisfaction from having a good clearout.

  4. Hi Karen. Do you have a "We-Pay" or similar near you? We have one - they pay out 50p per kilo for "charity shop" bags of old clothing and shoes (and books too if I recall). Not much cash I know, and not too sure of the ethics behind it... but for some extra cash it may be worth considering? We have one in our wee town and my daughter and I "earned" £4.50 after our visit there this week.

  5. Hi Frugal Wife. I have never heard of "We-Pay" I don't think we have them in England. It must be a Scottish business. A good idea though for getting a bit of extra cash. Thanks for commenting.