Saturday, 20 August 2011

Home Sweet Home

We're home! Had a really nice holiday which was jam packed and feel like I now need another holiday to just relax. The washers on its second load and there's plenty more to wash. Can see my Sunday being an ironing day. Need to go to the supermarket as the cupboards are bare but shall do that tomorrow as I'm too tired today.



Did not find any discount vouchers for here so I ordered my tickets on line which saved me 10%. We had a lovely day here and sat in the gardens and ate a picnic. The tropical dome was the best but if you have hair that frizzes in humid conditions like mine go in this dome last! I had a right mess of a hair do when I came out.

A bee


  1. Welcome back. Have a good rest now (when you've finished the ironing)!

  2. Thanks Mum & Miss Piggy. It is lovely to return home after a holiday.

  3. Ahhh, looks like you had a lovely holiday. I've only just finished catching up with my washing and ironing, there's so much of it after a fortnight away. We went to the Eden Project two years ago but the tropical dome was too much for me, the humidity took my breath away. If I remember right, I used some Nectar points for admission.