Monday, 22 August 2011

Day 7 & 8 of my hols

Happy 17th Birthday to my daughter

Birthday Girl

Time passes so quickly and then they are grown up. She wanted money from everyone for her birthday so she can go clothes shopping. Today she's gone with a group of friends out for the day and then on to somewhere for a meal. We shall have a birthday cake and candles when she returns this evening.


Rain was forecast on the news for this day so we drove north to Combe Martin which is a lovely tiny place and has a lovely bay. We spent the whole day on the beach exploring rock pools and relaxing on the beach reading and having a picnic.

The day turned out to be a lovely hot day and we stayed on the beach until quite late then went and ordered a pizza and ate it in the car before driving back to our hotel. Another lovely cheap day.


After checking out of our hotel we went to Weston-Super-Mare for the day. We went to see the Sand Sculpture Exhibition then spent the afternoon on the beach and ate lunch.

The sculptures were really good. I heard a little boy ask a guy who was repairing a sculpture how long they took to do. Some were 5 days up to a week with a team working on each sculpture. They were very impressive. Another very cheap day.

From Weston-Super-Mare we headed up to Worcestershire to stay overnight in a hotel so we would not have a long journey home in the morning. We came in budget with our holiday so no getting into debt on this holiday. Even came home with £50 spending money left. back to saving each month for next years holiday now.

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