Sunday, 21 August 2011

Day 5 & 6 of my hols

Blackpool Sands Beach, no not that Blackpool but a lovely little bay in south Devon. It was raining when we arrived so we sat and had a hot drink whilst the weather was at its worst. The bay has a cafe, shop, loos and changing rooms that's all and there is nothing else around. Only a few people were here when we arrived. The girls and hubby got their wet suits on and were in the sea. Like hubby said, doesn't matter if it's raining your going to get wet anyway.

Hubby and daughter No3

 The rain stopped and the day turned into a gorgeous day. Then the people started to arrive. We had a great day here. We had our picnic on the beach and spent the day in the sea and lazing on the beach till late. Lovely.
Blackpool sands beach, Devon

Weymouth Carnival & Airshow

Arrived in Weymouth to rain and it rained most of the morning. We did not like Weymouth, too busy and not our cup of tea really. We stayed the day though because we wanted to watch the air show and the display we really wanted to see (The Red Arrows) were not on until 5.00pm.

 Little did we know that a few days after watching their great display one of the pilots, Jon Egging would die in a crash whilst doing a display in Bournemouth. RIP.

The Red Arrows

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  1. So very sad about the Red Arrows crash at the weekend. Blackpool Sands looks lovely, there's some lovely little bays in Devon. Happy Birthday to your daughter.