Friday, 22 July 2011

School's out

Well it's that time again, school holidays! Daughter No2 finished college 2 weeks ago and daughter No3 finished at 1.00pm today. Six weeks of no more rushing around in the morning and no driving to and fro to college. No more packed lunches to make and no more hair straightening to do first thing in the morning, bliss! I actually love the school holidays. My two are at the age they don't need me to entertain them but we shall have days out and spend time together.Trips will be cheap days out with a picnic and a visit to the cinema to see Harry Potter at some point.. Refuse to pay extortionate prices at ripoff cafes and snack booths. I guess I will be the girls taxi for the summer, dropping them off at shopping centres and friends. We have 9 days holiday down south to look forward to in a few weeks which I am looking forward to.

Sorry it's been a few days since I've posted. It just seem to be one of those weeks with nothing interesting happening to post about. Hopefully will have some frugal days out to post on soon. Got the grandchildren staying this weekend so may not get the chance to post for a day or two.

Hope you all have a great summer break.


Made a cheap dessert for this evening using these three items

Can peaches, custard & yogurt
The peaches have been in my cupboard since last summer. I won them on a tombola stall but they have never been eaten because they are in a light syrup but for this dessert I drained the fruit. I then blended the peaches into a puree. I mixed the puree into a pint of chilled custard I made earlier. Reserved a little of the puree to decorate the top of the dessert. Into this mix I then added what was left of a large tub of yogurt that had been in the fridge for a while. There was about 200ml of yogurt left . Give it all a good mix then place in four dessert dishes and top with a spoonful of peach puree.

Peach Fool
One cheap dessert that tastes rather nice.


  1. That looks like my kind of pud :)

  2. Eleanor's been counting down to the summer holidays for weeks and I've been counting with her. I love having the kids at home with me, and also love not having to have a routine. I just hope we get some decent weather over the next few weeks, especially whilst we're on holiday.