Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Temptation of the shops

Got to thinking about my spending after reading an American blog. Five years ago when I lived in the  big city of Leeds, my pastime when I was bored was to wonder round the big shopping centres buying whatever took my fancy and generally getting into debt buying things I did not need or really want. If I wasn't in the big shopping centres I'd be in the huge supermarkets that sell everything nowadays. I'd saunter along the aisles

popping whatever took my fancy into the trolley. Because the supermarkets are so big it took me a couple of hours to do a shop. After the clothing department tempts you it's then the household department, then the entertainment department. I used to come out with a trolley full and it used to cost us a fortune. Then there was the time it took to unpack the stuff and put it all away when I got home! I think it wasted a day going shopping when I lived in the city.

Where I live now the supermarkets are not very large and the temptation is not there to spend as much, but I've also worked hard at not wasting money now and I don't often get tempted  away from my shopping list when shopping. I now dislike clothes shopping and get irritable if I have to shop in the large shopping complexes.  I buy most of my clothes from charity shops now. I do buy the odd new item that I want. The majority of the clothing budget goes on the girls and hubby and myself don't bother much with clothes these days. When the clothing budget has gone the kids have to wait until the next months budget is available before they get anything else. Same with my food budget. I allocate myself a certain amount each week and try my best to stick to it. I find it easier if I withdraw the money from the bank then put my shopping money in a separate purse then just use this for any groceries. I've simplified my way of shopping now and don't waste a whole day on grocery shopping now preferring to use my time in other areas.

How do you feel about this ?  Are you happy giving your money to the big guys? Are you one of the 'don't need it, don't buy it brigade'? Talk to me, let me know how you feel about this.


  1. I've had to change my attitude to shopping completely since giving up work last year. I used to do as you did and just pop anything which took my fancy in to the trolley, much of which got thrown away, I used to buy far too much food, certainly more than we needed. Now I have a budget and it's got to be stuck to, we only have one wage coming in. I've always hated clothes shopping so I haven't had to change my shopping habits there. I've always kept the family allowance separate for the kid's clothes and it usually covers anything they need or want.

  2. Hi, I've arrived here whilst blog hopping. I'm sure I've visited before.

    I go out with a list and try to stick to it. I buy anything (that we use regularly) that is on offer and put it in my stock pile cupboard. Most meals I stretch out with produce from the garden. Today we had ratatouille with our courgettes and garlic plus the last of a bag of onions and the remnants of peppers from the bottom of the fridge. This was padded out with home grown french beans from a friend and a left over chop and a couple of sausages. Plenty for 2 of us and some ratatouille left to play with tomorrow.
    Love from Mum

  3. I would love to not give my money to the big guys, but they have left us with very little option, particularly where I live. Instead, I always go out with a list and I get quite a kick from trying to spend less and less each week and seeing what I can come up with from what I buy. I too take my money from the bank and shop with cash - it is a very easy way to keep track of what you have spent where using a card is too easy and somehow gives you the impression that it is not actually money you are spending.