Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Garden Find

Well plodding along with my diet. Had for breakfast a yogurt and two oat bran muffins. Lunch was cottage cheese and a fillet of smoked mackerel. Evening meal was salmon marinated in curry powder and a few slithers of hot chillies. I cooked this in foil in the oven and had with a curried yogurt sauce. For my snack at work tonight I have  cottage cheese with some smoked salmon trimmings mixed in. Can't wait to get onto the phase where I introduce veggies into the diet. We have been invited to a BBQ Saturday evening but I think I may drive so I'm not tempted with booze and spoil the diet too much. 

I went out to water the veg patch after tea and noticed something move. I turned off the hose pipe and went to investigate. I found a tiny baby sparrow caught in  some netting I had over my strawberry plants. Called daughter No2 to come and help and together with the help of daughter No3 we cut the little fellow out of the netting. I pulled the netting off the strawberries to throw it away and there was a second chick caught in the netting. We rescued this one too and went to find a box to put them in. I set about digging worms out of the garden to try and feed them because we had no idea how long they had been there. I tried to see if I could see their nest  so we could pop them back but I could not find it. I don't think they would have stayed in the nest if I had  found it because they were flying out of the box as we tried to feed them. So if they are still alive when I get home in the morning I shall take a picture of them. I have reared abandoned chicks and chicks the girls have found to good health in the past. So lets hope we found these before they got too weak. We are a soft bunch and cannot bear to see an animal in distress no matter how small it is.

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  1. Hope the little sparrows have made it through the night. It's so sad when birds get caught up in netting, let's hope you found them in time.