Tuesday, 5 July 2011

It's free

Not many things are free in this life but if you work hard as my daughter No3 has at high school it pays. This is the second year now daughter has been in the top 15 of her year group to be chosen to participate in a freebie day out. Pupils are awarded house points for good work and the top 15 pupils with the most house points have been given a day out of class to go for 2 games of bowling. A meal at the bowling alley. A visit to the cinema to watch a movie of their choice and a coach to take them to and from the complex.  ALL FOR FREE. Too often schools are always wanting money for this and money for that so it made a nice change to read a letter from school not asking for money. So this is daughters treat next week which she is looking forward to.

Well it shall soon be upon us, the school holidays! Daughter No2 breaks up from college this week and daughter No3 breaks up two weeks after. I have a few items that will need to be replaced in the uniform department for when they return in September and intend to get them very early on in the holidays. I detest the hordes of people who engulf the uniform shops a couple of weeks before term starts. The shop is too crowded, the kids are always tired and fed up with trying uniforms on so I am going to be prepared and buy early before the crowds descend and the shop still has some stock. I have already bought daughter a pack of 3 shirts from Tesco for £6.00 which is very cheap. The most expensive item will be the blazer. Must admit she's had her wear out of it. She's worn it every school day for two years now but it's time for a new one. Poor girl is going to school at the moment with a hole in her shoe! but I told her I am not buying new school shoes for the last few weeks of term for them not to fit when she returns September. Thankfully I have a daughter who is very understanding of my frugal ways and agrees with me it's silly to get a new pair now.

No, these are not her shoes!
Lots of frugal cheap day trips and things of interest to sort out over the next week. I see lots of picnics and dog walking around large parks for a start. What activities have you planned for the holidays? I need some ideas for teenagers if you have any suggestions.

Bye for now


  1. I nearly got carried away the other day in M&S with 20% off uniform. Then I remembered its my daughters last year at primary so I am going to do a stock check of what we have first, I'm not buying much just for 37 weeks of wear !!

  2. Very well done to your daughter, it's good to see that the school is rewarding hard work. I've seen all too often that the kids receiving awards are the naughty ones who have decided to behave for a day or two rather than the ones who are hard working all year round. I've just bought Eleanor a load of new uniform and a new pair of shoes. She couldn't last till the end of term in trousers which were splitting at the seams, shirts which were nearly popping their buttons and shoes with the sole hanging off. The school are only just introducing a blazer to the uniform this year, but it's optional for those already at the school so that's one expense I don't have. I haven't really got anything planned for the holidays apart from our fortnight in Cornwall and Devon. I think it gets harder finding places to take them and things to do as the kids get older. Like you, I think there'll be picnics and dog walks in parks.

  3. Hi Jo, we too are going down Cornwall and Devon. We are going to be based at Exeter and plan to visit The Eden project in Cornwall and then visit Weymouth for their carnival and have lots more planned for the area.

    Hi Miss Piggy Bank. So easy to forget that they don't have to have everything new when they return to school. If something fits and is in good condition why not use it in the new school year. Good thinking, see what you have first before you buy.