Thursday, 28 July 2011

Bird update

The little sparrows we saved the other day survived the night. I told daughter to take the box they were in into the garden yesterday afternoon so the chicks could get some fresh air. I returned into the house and could hear a lot of chirping so went back to the garden to see why all the chirping and there, sat on the arm of the garden chair was the mother sparrow with food in her mouth for her chicks. We released the chicks onto the lawn and the mother went up to them and started to feed then. They were following her all over the garden. All afternoon they stayed in the veg patch and the mother kept feeding them, it was lovely to watch. The garden rarely gets cats in because of our dog so I think they will be fine now with their mother feeding them. A happy ending, aw.  


Anyone need the loo?

Today took the girls and the dog to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park at Wakefield. It was a lovely hot day so we packed a bag with suncream, dogs water bowl, drinks and a packed lunch and off we went. The venue is free but parking costs £5.00. I was a bit disappointed with the park really, I was expecting a bit more than there was. Don't get me wrong, we had an enjoyable day, lots of walking and nice views to see. Won't rush to go again though.

It got us out of the house, in the fresh air and we all got some exercise. We must have walked a fair few miles around the park and lakes. When we returned to the car I noticed a man going to the ticket machine to buy a parking ticket so gave him my ticket to use. The ticket is valid all day so that was my good deed for the day.

How have you been occupying your days over the school break?

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  1. Awww, glad to hear the little sparrows were ok. It's nice to read a happy ending. I've been wanting to go to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for a while, I hope I won't be disappointed when we do eventually get there. We haven't done much in the holidays yet, been doing all the bits and pieces that need to be done before a holiday like having our hair cut and things like that. I'm hoping to have some days out once we're home from our holiday.