Sunday, 3 July 2011

Lovely Sunday

Had a lovely day today just doing things together as a family. We went to our village boot sale this morning. I remembered to put some sun cream on but wish I'd remembered to bring my hat. My head got very hot and uncomfortable with the sun beating down on it.

Hubby striding ahead

The boot sale was quite busy and it had a good amount of stalls. I made a few purchases and the girls bought some bracelets.

My boot sale finds
I bought two wooden puzzles for the grandaughter, a jar of damson jam and a nice medium sized bowl which I shall use for salads. In all I only spent £4.00. We went home and I did some tidying then we had lunch then we went out to visit a 'Pick Your Own' farm. The weather was really hot by now so I remembered to take my hat and apply more suncream. Here I am picking raspberries.

Me picking raspberries

My Girls picking strawberries
The strawberries were put in the basket after we tasted one to check they tasted good. We seemed to eat one, save one until we got full on eating strawberries. Daughter no 3 was rather excited about going fruit picking because she has not been before. We picked a basket of strawberries and half a basket of raspberries.  The farm also had blackberries which we sampled and blackcurrants, sampled these too but did not pick any because there were not many left. Daughters sampled a gooseberry but neither were impressed with them. I don't like gooseberries neither. The farm was very busy, it seems to be a very typical English summer pastime to pick strawberries on a Sunday afternoon. We had a really enjoyable day  and went home with our booty.

Our booty

We shall have some with whipped cream later after our our meal and daughter No3 wants to take some to school tomorrow in her packed lunch. I'm sure none will go to waste. Summer fruits are just lovely to eat with nothing done to them, they taste so gorgeous.

Hope you all had a lovely day today.


  1. I think its been nice everywhere today, summer at last !!

  2. I always have to wear a hat in the sun otherwise my head burns. Eleanor takes strawberries to school each day in her packed lunch. I love having a strawberry patch at the allotment, fresh strawberries every day at this time of year.