Monday, 11 July 2011

Menu Week 11/07/11

Went to Morrisons today to try them out . I tend not to shop there because you cannot check their prices on their website so I can not compare them to my regular shopping haunts. I did find them very good on price in the fruit and veg department. They were way better than Tesco. I had £60 to spend on groceries this week and I came in budget. In Morrisons I spent £40.67 and bought...

My Morrisons shop
I then went to my usual Aldi to buy things I knew were cheaper there. I spent £17.20 in Aldi on....

My Aldi shop
So I was in budget today with a spend of £57.87. I still need some eggs from the farm but they are only £1.00 and I may need some potatoes but I shall wait and see how far the remainder in the sack I bought two weeks go lasts. So with this shop today I have decided on my menu plan for the week.

MONDAY - Coley & pesto fish cakes, sauteed potatoes, peas and roasted tomatoes

TUESDAY - Roast chicken, jacket potatoes, salad, coleslaw and homemade bread

WEDNESDAY -   Casseroled chicken, mash, yorkshire puddings and vegetables

THURSDAY - Bacon frittata, salad, wedges

FRIDAY - Beef casserole, potatoes, vegetables and yorkshire puddings

SATURDAY - Homemade pizza and wedges with salad

SUNDAY - Roast Pork, apple sauce, sage & onion stuffing, Roast potatoes, vegetables


  1. I am a regular at morrisons but i was annoyed with them this week. having been caught out previously with the web offers, i wrote them down this week so i wouldnt forget. when i got into store the 3 for £1 tomoatoes ( advertised on line) were the regular 99p each. Also cookies on offer , but no sign in store. I queried this with a sale asistant who said the offers were in bigger stores. Surely a staple like the tomatoes would have been on offer ? On the whole though I can't complain, i do like morrisons.

  2. Yes, annoying when offers you want are not in the store. I think the tomatoes should have been on offer in all stores like you say.

  3. I like Morrisons but I shop in Tesco more often as it's much closer. I find that fresh meat is quite reasonable in Morrisons.