Monday, 18 July 2011

Menu Week 18/07/11


Going shopping later today because I've a parcel to pick up in Tesco. If you order from Tesco home and get it delivered to your local store it's free delivery so saves me £5.00. I will be going there to shop today so got the parcel delivered there.

So looking in the fridge I still have quite a bit in there but shall use up all the odds and ends to clear it out a bit. For lunch I shall use these leftovers...

Grated cheese, mashed potato, mushrooms & baked beans

I mixed the cheese with the mashed potato and dusted with flour. I then fried this in a little oil so it was nice and crispy. I also fried the mushrooms. I was going to have an egg with all this but I'm not too hungry so shall leave the egg off.

So this was my lunch with a blob of brown sauce.It was lovely comfort food on this very wet and windy day. Now to use up some beef casserole that was left from a meal. I'm going to make some pastry and make a beef pie for Hubby's meal tonight. The girls are not here for a meal this evening so there will be plenty to make a pie just for Hubby.

Had £55.00 to spend on groceries this week. Spent £4.20 at the potato farm the other day on a 12.5kg sack of potatoes and a bag of new crop potatoes. Today I went to Aldi and spent £24.58 on this lot

Aldi £24.58
I then called into B&M Homestores for loo roll and squash and spent £2.98 there. Onto Morrisons then with a spend there of £12.28.
Morrisons £12.28 & B&M £2.98

I finished off at Tesco with a spend of £9.09
Tesco £9.09
So with this lot I have planned my menu for the week. My total spend for the week came in at £53.13 so in budget again.  All these stores are very close to one another so I don't waste petrol travelling to them all.

MONDAY - Leftover beef pie, chips, peas and carrots

TUESDAY - Spaghetti bolognese & homemade garlic bread

WEDNESDAY -Sausage, mash, vegetables & onion gravy

THURSDAY - Homemade potato cakes, egg, beans, bacon and mushrooms

FRIDAY - Casseroled chicken drummers, potatoes, yorkshire puddings, veg and stuffing balls

SATURDAY - Chicken/Tofu Fajitas

SUNDAY - Roast pork , roast potatoes, veg, yorkshire puddings and gravy


  1. I love looking at other people's shopping, I'm so nosey. Your's isn't so different to my own, except I wouldn't buy pork as Mick hates it. Do you grow any of your own veg? We had four veg for tea tonight, all home grown, it saves me a fortune.

  2. Not having a very good year with the veg. My courgettes are starting to do well but my runner beans and green beans are doing rubbish. My chilli plants are doing great. We are going to try better next year with the garden.