Sunday, 28 November 2010

Cinema Treat

Don't go to the cinema often but promised the girls we would see the new Harry Potter film. We had planned a drive to the coast for this Sunday but because the weather was so bitter and because of the snow we changed our treat to a cinema visit. I HATE paying the extortionate prices at the cinema. Just to get in costs a fortune so if they think I'm going to spend £2-3 on a drink or £8 for a family scoop of ice cream they can p**s off! We always take our own bottles of pop, a bag of Aldi popcorn and some sort of chocolate bar.  Today I took an Aldi chocolate bar and everything was smuggle in my large bag.

I prepared all my vegetables and yorkshire pudding mix so when we returned from the cinema tea could be put straight on and we could be eating within half an hour of getting back. Me and the girls then had a lovely walk with the dog in the dark in the snow before settling down to watch X-Factor. A very enjoyable Sunday was had by all.

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