Monday, 22 November 2010

Menu Plan

Went to Aldi this morning after dropping daughter No2 at college. Didn't need much, got most things in freezer. This week on our menu plan we have

Egg, chips, beans, bread and butter

Mascarpone tomato sauce & tinned tuna, pasta and home made garlic bread

Beef & Ale, dumplings, cabbage & mash
Me- Vegetable stew

Home made Turkey nuggets, wedges & beans

 Hubby- left over beef & ale or left over beef & onion pie
 Me & Girls- at parents

Chicken/tofu Fajitas

Slow cooker chicken casserole, cabbage, mash & Yorkshire puddings
Me- left over vegetable stew, cabbage, mash & Yorkshire puddings

Bought a £2.99 gammon in Aldi which I simmered in a pan of water then roasted in the oven with honey drizzled on top for the last 15 minutes of cooking.

I let this cool then sliced it on my slicing machine. This will do for sandwiches for the clan for the week.

Bought a bottle of ale in Aldi and this is now in the slow cooker with a selection of Aldi 49p veg and some stewing beef I defrosted overnight. Will cook this all day, leave in the fridge tomorrow then eat for tea Wednesday. Stews and casseroles are lovely left a day before eating.

Not looking forward to the cold weather we are due later in the week. Thankfully Hubby got all the loft insulated this year when rolls of insulation were on offer. We should be nice and snug this year. Hubby set timer on the central heating yesterday so prepared for the cold front coming.

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