Monday, 15 November 2010

Day at home

Well, never done a blog before so a bit slow on the technical side of setting everything up so please be patient with me. Thought I'd set up a blog to help me concentrate better on my grocery challenges. If I'm having to write down daily what I've cooked and spent on food it may make me stick to my budget better. Not doing so well with the budget this month so come pay day a new frame of mind and a new budget to challenge me for December.
Looked in the fridge this morning to find not a lot. Need to get some shopping in Aldi later to get us through the week with what's in the freezer. Freezer full, plenty of meat in there but need veggies to go with it and fruit.

Found some mushrooms on the turn in the fridge along with a part used marrow and a small green pepper so all going to be chopped up and cooked in the slowcooker with some onions and passata to make ratatouille.

 Whizzed round the house with the vac and cleaned glass coffee table with my water and vinegar spray. Never buy glass cleaner, always use my spray and it does a great job. Bread makers on and when it's finished will be making pizza bases for the weekend and baguettes, all will be squashed in the freezer somehow. Pizza bases are part baked. Really am going to try and eat throught the freezer over the next couple of weeks so I can get my turkey in there and make space for other christmas treats.

Whenever I make something with pastry I use the trimmings to line individual flan foils then freeze them so I have a handy stash of cases to quickly make a mini quiche for daughter No3 to eat at lunch. Because oven was on I quickly threw a bit of onion ,tomato, sweetcorn and cheese into a case and added a beaten egg. Lunch for one sorted. I take the quiche out of its foil and wash and re-use these. The quiche is then popped into a suitable container for lunch tomorrow. My lunch will be spicy pumpkin soup from the freezer, made with the scooped out pumpkin of our Halloween Lantern.

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