Tuesday, 23 November 2010

It's a dogs life

Any of you have a greedy dog? I have a Labrador and like all Labradors, he's greedy! When his yearly check-up comes around at the vets I always dread the weigh in. He was a little over weight last December so was told to weigh his food and start to bulk it out with vegetables. This can be quite expensive when your dog can consume a mountain of food .We found the solution with pony carrots at £1.50 a 12.5kg bag from farm shops or equestrian places.

We boil a large pan full and store the rest in the garage or at the back door when the weather's cold. In summer we have to cook them then freeze because they go off so quick. A bag lasts about 8-9 days.

He never misses an opportunity to eat something. He's in a carrot field which we pass every day munching on a carrot!

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  1. I too have a very greedy dog. I was talking to someone notlong ago who's Westie (like mine) ate loads of carrots. I tried giving mine one and he casually chewed the end off and then proceeded to shred the rest all over the carpet. All that happened was he ended up with an orange beard!