Thursday, 18 November 2010

Enjoyed today

I love my Mondays and Thursdays when I have a full day at home and nowhere to go. Once kids were off to school and college and I'd walked the dog it was time to get busy. Bedding stripped off my bed and in washer and a whizz round the downstairs floors and the stairs with the vac. Breadmaker on with a batch of hot cross bun dough. Kids have these toasted every morning for breakfast.
 Don't bother with the cross, too much of a faff  but I always sugar glaze them.

Had the slow cooker on whilst the breadmaker was on. Today spicy lentil soup was in the pot. I used up the last of the marrow, 1/2 green pepper, carrot, tin chopped tomatoes, an onion, veg stock and lentils. I toasted some garam masala and curry powder in a frying pan then popped that in the pot too.

I blended the soup and had a portion for lunch. Don't waste money buying containers to freeze stuff in. I save empty marg tubs to use for freezing. They are the perfect size for one portion and stack great in the freezer. I stick a bit of paper on the lid with what's inside.

Made a nice tea tonight with some leftover chicken from the freezer. I cooked some onion, mushrooms and pepper in a wok, added chicken stock, soy sauce, garlic, ginger and some cornflour then threw in the chicken and some cooked noodles. I made mine with veg stock and tofu. A very tasty meal made in 15 minutes. Even stir-fry hating daughter No2 admitted it was nice.

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