Thursday, 6 January 2011


Decorations all put away for another year. Always glad to see them put away, I get a bit fed up of looking at them. Decided I'm going to declutter the house this year and work through each room one at a time. Today was my bedrooms turn. I went through our wardrobe getting rid of anything not worn for a while or items I've gone off. Shoes thrown out I have not worn for years. Even went through all my drawers and bedside table. A bit of perfume that had gone off years ago, binned. Bits and pieces that get thrown into drawers and forgotten about, binned. All drawers vacuumed and the whole bedroom cleaned and polished. When Hubby had finished his tea told him to go and sort through his clothes. I now have 3 charity sacks for the charity van  to collect in the morning. It feels great having a lovely tidy wardrobe but I've now got nothing to wear!
The plan for next week is to declutter the bathroom cabinet and the living room. Not much to declutter in these but the plan is also to give the rooms a good clean at the same time so two rooms for next Thursday.

Need to sit and menu plan for next week and make a shopping list. Stuck to my shopping budget for this week with a few pounds still left in my shopping purse. Spent a lot on meat but got some good bargains. I bought a 2.8kg gammon which was reduced to half price so got that for £6.00. We had that earlier in the week sliced with a fried egg on top with chips and peas. The rest was sliced on my meat slicer ready to freeze for sandwiches and I left some in the fridge for sandwiches for this week. I also got a large pork loin joint which was still on offer at £3.99 a kilo so spent £7.40 on that joint. I cut in it half and froze then for Sunday lunches.I also got a bag of 8 frozen salmon fillets on offer at £4.50 so there in freezer to use some time.With next weeks money need to get a sack of potatoes and a sack of onions so that will take a chunk out of the kitty.

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  1. Oooh i got chills thinking about you binning all that stuff and hoovering out drawers. Good chills like! Yey you! :o)