Friday, 7 January 2011

Great present

Working tonight so need to take a packed lunch. For christmas I got a wrap-n-mat which is great. I hate using so much clingfilm to wrap sandwiches in so when I saw this on the internet I had to have one for a christmas present.

It's cotton with a plastic lining and a velcro fastener. They can be wiped clean or washed. They come in two sizes, this is the small size and come in a few different colours.

For tea tonight I'm using up some leftover bits of chicken and turkey. I soften some chopped onion, chopped mushrooms and a bit of leek in butter.

 Add some flour to absorb the butter then add in chicken stock continually stirring so no lumps appear. I add some milk and some dried parsley, salt and pepper.

I then add the leftover meat and added a bit of leftover sweetcorn. They had this with boiled rice.


  1. Mmm that looks lush! I'll be coming back here to nick that recipe i think! :o)

  2. Just discovered your blog and reading back. What a great idea for the wrapping the sandwiches.