Sunday, 30 January 2011

Bargain Sunday lunch

Got a reduced packet of chicken thighs and drummers for £1.79 the other day. I split the pack in half and froze them. Today I cooked half the pack in the slowcooker for our tea. I stripped the meat off the bones  and returned the meat to the slowcooker with some gravy granules.

I costed the meal and with using half a bag of green beans,half a broccoli and half a butternut squash, 800g potatoes from a large sack of spuds, a kilo of carrots from the sack of pony carrots I bought for the dog and making the yorkshire puddings the whole meal cost 89p per person. We all had a plateful and really enjoyed our meal. Wish I could find more reduced meat but the time I go in is not reduction time. Think I may use drummers and thighs like this a lot more now I know they enjoy it.

We all went for a drive this afternoon to a lovely forest which is popular with dog walkers. We'd had some sad news of someone we knew passing away yesterday so I felt we all should be together today and I had a  few moments on our walk to think of the bereaved family and their loss.

The forest was very bare and it was a dull grey day but we had a lovely walk playing with the dog.

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