Thursday, 20 January 2011

Use it up!

I really hate waste. I squirrel away new tubes of toothpaste and deodorants from my husband because when he gets to the bottom of a deodorant or tube of paste he would rather start a new one than finish the bit that's left. This so annoys me! So I won't let him have a new deodorant now until every bit is used in the old can first. The girls are just has bad. Shampoo bottles and hair conditioner is always left and a new one started when it gets low. I'm the one who always ends up using the dregs of a bottle.

Today I came to the end of my hand cream so not liking to waste anything I did my old trick on the tube. I chopped the tube in half and will get plenty of hand cream for the next day or two.

Been to the dentist today to have  root canal work done on a tooth that has been giving me trouble. Only problem is I have to go back in two weeks time for her to continue the work because she only got 12mm down the tooth and needs to go 20mm. My time was up and she would have been running late if she had continued. I had a 40 minute appointment for my treatment. They were 10 minutes late seeing me so now I've to go through the whole palaver again! Not a happy bunny.

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