Monday, 17 January 2011

New life in dreary winter

Planted some mixed salad leaves last Thursday and they are growing really well. shot up so fast on my kitchen drainer.

Think I'll move them to the conservatory soon because the lights a lot better in there but it is a lot cooler as we don't waste money heating in there in winter only on the occasions we might use it in the winter. These should save me a bit of cash once they have grown and we can eat them.

Cleared a few bits in the garden today as I passed them, like a huge pile of leaves just next to my back door and a bag of bits and pieces collected and put in the rubbish bin. Wanted to get stuck into so gardening but did not really have time today as I had a lot to do in the house and a lot of cooking I wanted to get done.

Just taken these chicken and sweetcorn pasties out of the oven. I made theses for the girls lunch tomorrow and there will be one left to freeze. I made my own rough puff pastry, it's so easy to make . I made a white sauce using half milk and half chicken stock added some sauteed onions and some leftover chicken and sweetcorn. Makes a lovely filling pastie.

Monday - Risotto stuffed mushrooms, salad and home made garlic bread

Tuesday - Tuna and tomato sauce on pasta, grated cheese and home made garlic bread

Wednesday - Cottage pie, carrots and peas.  Me - Quorn cottage pie

Thursday - Salmon fishcakes, wedges, peas or home made coleslaw

Friday - Potato, bacon and onion hotpot, carrots and broccoli.  Me - veggie sausages, potatoes & veg

Saturday - Homemade beef burgers/veggie burgers, wedges and coleslaw

Sunday - Roast chicken, stuffing, yorkshire puds, mash and veg.  Me - Quorn fillet

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