Friday, 24 December 2010


Well Christmas eve is here and where am I? working! First time worked a night shift on Christmas eve and my girls are not happy about it. I've done well not to have worked it for the last eight years. I have to take a turn, it's only fair. Because I'm working In-laws have invited us to theirs for Christmas dinner. I will be opening presents with the family when I get in from work then it's off to bed for a good sleep then over to the In-laws later in the afternoon. Hubby and girls will be going over before me so I can sleep in peace and quiet.

I will be busy Boxing day though, got daughter No1 and son-in-law and 2 grandaughters arriving for another big meal. Got my table set today and the house clean and all bedding changed. Gammon cooked this evening and desserts made and in the freezer. Roll on 7.00am I want to get home  and start enjoying Christmas!

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