Thursday, 8 December 2011

Wet and wild!

Wow, what a wet and wild day. It was wheely bin day here today and the amount of bins blown into the roads on my walk with the dog was amazing to see. Youngest daughter wanted to go into the near town to get a few Christmas presents after school but I asked her if we could delay it as I did not fancy facing the storms and getting soaked. Dog walking today has been a" wrap up well" kind of day and "strap your hood down tight" day. So it was well and truly a day to stay in and do homely things.

A bolognese was put in the pot for tea but when we found out Daughter No2's boyfriend was staying for tea we had to have burgers instead as he does not like tomato based food. So Saturdays meal was eaten today and today's menu meal will be eaten Saturday! Fussy eaters eh! Bolognese made and in the fridge for Saturdays meal.

This morning I had some of the bread the girls like toasted. This bread is a white warburtons loaf and all I can say about it was that it was god damn awful. I felt like I was chewing on cardboard and it tasted like cardboard. I got straight onto making a loaf because I could not face eating that crap again for lunch. I made a lovely light white with a quarter wholemeal. Daughter No2 asked if her and boyfriend could eat some and her boyfriend really liked it. He had not tasted homemade bread before and he really enjoyed it. Quite sad that the youth today have hardly ever tasted homemade bread yet if they were given the opportunity I'm sure they would like it better than the processed crap that's pushed on consumers in the supermarkets. Don't get me wrong, my kids love the crap bread and they love my homemade bread but if you asked what they want their sandwich in for school or collage it will always be the crap bread because they don't want to seem different.

My kids have been great at taking different stuff to school to eat and getting comments on it. Usually they get comments on how nice it is their mum makes cakes and loaves for their lunch box and their friends want to try their food. They have never been ridiculed for taking different food in. They get the odd comment from a jealous mate who might say sarcastically " ooh look she's got a bagel today" but in my opinion it sounds like the kid is jealous at not having such a varied packed lunch. One lad commented to daughter he thought it was great how she went to school with all her little containers of nice food. 

Off track there with talk of school lunches. The loaf I made was accompanied with some homemade hummus. So cheap to make and really tasty and nutritious.

The dark patch on my hummos is only some Harissa spice to give it a kick. I made my hummos as follows

1 400g tin chick peas, drained (reserve liquid)
2 gloves garlic, grated
2 tbls tahini
olive oil
salt to taste
Reserved liquid from chick peas
Lemon juice to taste

Basically just whizz everything up in your food processor. Add the reserved liquid from the chick peas to thin the mixture and add as much olive oil to make a smooth consistency to your taste. My hummus needed a lot more salt than I put in so I had to add more at the end. Just taste and add until you get the consistency and taste you like.


  1. Always inspirational.

    Did you pop over to my blog yet to enter the Frugal Book Giveaway? It's a bout a super frugal woman who did things outside the box for many many years :-)

  2. That looks so good. KL gets comments at college about her lunch- usually complimentary or asking if they can have a taste of it! They think she's lucky that I make homemade cakes and bread, and they love coming to visit!

  3. Hi the bread looks yummy as does the humous. I always tend to buy wholemeal bread. But I do like white toast for egg on toast or beans on toast.
    It was so windy yesterday. . I think on the news it said 165 mph gusts in some places can you imagine. x x

  4. I love the look of your bread Karen - haven't tried Humous yet. Got to make some either today or tomorrow otherwise we'll have to delve into the cardboard variety - ugh!

  5. It was certainly a wet and wild day yesterday. Archie didn't get his full quota of walks as he hates going out in it, but we'll make up for it today. Most of Eleanor's friends take sandwiches day after day to school, they must be so bored with them. Eleanor takes all sorts of things, pizza, sausage rolls, pies etc. In fact, we had a bit of a problem at one point as one girl kept pinching her dinner.

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  7. I couldn't agree more about that tasteless cardboard they laughingly call bread - but yes when my girls were younger they were happy enough to eat either that or my homemade bread. As they've got older with their own homes they do prefer homemade, but usually say they are too busy to make it. (Suppose I can understand that, especially at their ages) Your bread looks gorgeous and the humous too - I love humous. xxx

  8. Mmm, will definitely have to use that hummus recipe!! Looking forward to trying it!

  9. Hummus has got to be the best, tastiest and cheapist dip there is, and its so great we can make it at home. I love that you enhanced it further with harissa.

  10. Thank you for sharing this Karen.