Friday, 23 December 2011

Thoughts of 2012

I've started to think about 2012 and the way I shop. I am getting increasingly frustrated at the silly price increases in the big supermarkets and their scheming ways at deceiving us. I'm getting to the stage I hate to give the big boys our hard earned cash so I'm making a new year resolution to rearly shop in the big supermarkets again in the new year. Now I never make new year resolutions because nobody ever sticks to them but this is one I feel so passionate about I know I will stick to it. I also want to help the local businesses and I think we should all do our bit to make sure they don't go under. I do use them but I know I can use them more.

My plan is to only buy our meat from the family butcher in the village a mile away. I do use this butcher but it is more expensive than the supermarket but the quality is great and all the meat is from local farmers. I shall buy  a few varieties of meat from the butcher each week and menu plan from there.  There's a deli/bakers in the village a mile away I can buy bits from. I am going to use a local farmers shop for all my veg. They are very cheap on potatoes ( I buy all my potatoes from them) but out of season veg can be expensive there but seasonal is really cheap. Got to start eating only seasonal veg which I'm not good at.  I will still buy my eggs from the egg farmer, they are so cheap there. I plan to use Aldi still. I find their prices rarely alter and they have great deals on their 6 fruit/veg deals each week.

Now the dilemma. Where do I buy my yeast, bread flour, Yorkshire t-bags etc when Aldi don't stock these? I could use The Co-op in the village a mile away but because it's a village store the prices are really inflated and I'm on a budget here. This is one I'm going to have to think harder about before I start this the first week of January. Any suggestions welcome.


  1. A great and admirable plan Karen. I hope you blog about it.

    Sft x

  2. Good luck, I'll be following with interest. I have just started using a local groccer who operates out of a barn in a field about 3 miles from us. Unfortunatly I have found the produce from the butcher in our village isn't that great so I have meat delivered from an independant butcher who is from about 40 miles away. His prices and quality are very good.

  3. That's a great resolution, I'll be interested to hear how you get on. I think some supermarkets used to give yeast for free if you asked for it, but that's not getting away from supermarkets, is it? Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. karen, just wanted to wish you a merry christmas xx