Thursday, 1 December 2011

Really pissed off!

I regularly check our on line banking and check everything off with my paperwork. WELL, today I noticed our energy bill had gone up from £128.00 per month to £150.00 per month. What's pissing me off is we have only been with EDF for 3, yes 3 months and they are hiking the payments up already! Well they can p*** **f. Going to get Hubby straight onto it when he gets home. He took out the energy contract in his name only so they will only deal with him. I am so angry as you most probably can tell. Off to calm down now by making our evening meal. Shall let you know if he has any luck with them later.

Well after 25 minutes on hold, listening to some crap music, someone finally answered my husbands call. The outcome of the call was from next month, payments will go back to £128.00! Why bloody change it in the first place I don't know. They've still got £22 quid of ours though, cheeky beggars. Going to be even more frugal with the gas and electric now because they have peed me off. I'm aiming for a further reduction once winter is over but to get them to reduce it we have to use less! I've started already and turned the heating down even further and tomorrow it can stay off all day because we are all out. I'm going to snuggle in bed and finish watching Cutting Edge, The ultimate guide to penny pinching.


  1. That's ridiculous. When we moved into this house we stayed with the supplier who had been providing the supplies to the old man who lived here. They based our payments on what he used - £17 per month electric and £33 per month gas. I'm way in front with the gas - over £150 in credit now, but I owe about £80 for the electricity.I've been here 7 months now and my direct debit hasn't been increased by them . I rang them last week and increased it myself.

  2. Thats was cheeky of them to hike it up. It is so frustrating when having to hold on the phone especially when you want to sort something out .
    Yes i would try & be as frugal as you can be with the gas & electric. I use my slow cooker a couple of times a week. I am always on at my hubby & son not to leave lights on!. I tend to not have heating on in the day. I think little things do add up. Once I have switched the oven of I leave the oven door open to make use of the heat as it is cooling down!!!. Try & take regular readings if you can. Good luck with it x x

  3. Glad that they have put the amount back down. Aren't they supposed to inform you in writing if they change your direct debit? I thought it was a legal requirement but may be wrong.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that as I enjoy your blog so much I have given you an award- full details are on my blog post for today!

  4. Eon did exactly the opposite when we moved to them. I had a job getting them to increase the payments again, but I knew that if we were paying so little we would end up owing them loads, which I didn't want to happen. We're just in the process of moving again now, this time to Scottish Power, as our contract with Eon is up. I've got the penny pinching programme taped, I'm hoping to find some time to watch it today, but the kids are on an inset day so I might not get round to it.

  5. Very frustrating when things like this happen! Quite right of you to get in touch with the company. It is disgusting how some bills can go up and down. And trying to keep to a budget can make this quite difficult. Tell them you will change to another firm.

    Thank you for stopping by my blogg, have just had a wonderful stay in England with my sister.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Hi, Karen, hope this will help put a smile on your face. I'm passing the Leibster award on to you. It's for blogs with fewer than 200 followers. I hope you'll pass it along to your favourite blogs. More details are on my blog.
    Love from Mum