Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Just a short one

I'm setting off for work very soon so just a short blog today. I saw daughters boyfriend today when I went to pick her up from his house. He looked a bit under the weather and was still in shock and in a lot of discomfort but at least he's alive. He booked his driving test today. I think this has really scared him and he wants to get rid of the bike.

I made chicken, sweetcorn and mayo sandwiches this morning for daughters packup and needed to open a new tin of sweetcorn. When I only need a bit of sweetcorn for something what I do is drain the can then portion the sweetcorn into small containers.

I pop these containers in the freezer so whenever I need a bit of corn I just have to defrost a small pot and I am not wasting any food.

Forgot to show you my bargain shoes I got at my charity shop last Friday.

These are my glam shoes for over christmas. A bargain at £3.75 and they are nearly perfect. I think someone bought them for a special occasion and only wore them the once they are that new.

Got to go now. Bye


  1. I expect he'll be in shock for a while and then reflective of what might have been..poor lad.

    Congrats on the frugal food and those glam soes, just beautiful, no wonder you snapped them up!

    Sft x

  2. Those shoes are gorgeous, you do find some bargains. Glad to hear that your daughter's boyfriend is on the mend, though I'm sure he'll be in shock for quite a while yet.

  3. Pleased to hear he has booked his driving lessons, hope he's soon on the mend.
    Those shoes are beautiful what a bargain!
    enjoy your day.

  4. Very glam shoes to. Love the price its nice to find something at a nice price x