Thursday, 3 November 2011


Finally got some of the trees pruned today. Watched the weather forecast when eating my breakfast and it looked glum so thought I'd better get on with the job straight away. After taking the dog for his morning walk I got the ladders out and got straight on with the job. The blossom tree was stripped of most of its branches and will benefit from this drastic pruning as it has not been done in the last five and a half years we have lived here. I then chopped all the branches into small pieces to go in my compost wheelie bin which the council collect every other week. This is then turned into compost for the local farmers to use. The one tree nearly filled the bin. I saved thicker branches to give to sister-in-law for fire wood.

I then started on the three lilac trees of our neighbour. They are down the boundary of our properties and encroach on my garden and are a pain as I catch my car wing mirror on them so I was ruthless and chopped all the branches that came into my garden. Again theses were chopped small to fit in the recycle bin. I only have another tree to prune now so shall leave it until my bin is emptied then I shall fill it again with tree branches.

I love the fact we have a bin for garden waste to be recycled. When we lived in the city this was not done. I just love the fact that I am recycling and helping farmers grow what we eat. It saves us having to fill our car with garden waste and drive to a tip with it. Saves fuel and time and land fill space.


  1. Congratulations, you got i done finally. We've had a lot of bad weather of late but yesterday was absolutely beautiful.

    Enjoy your weekend

  2. I bet you're glad you got it done now, it rained really hard late yesterday afternoon and it looks like it's in for the day today.

  3. Well done getting it all done. I am ok have not spoken to daughter for long time.Had a few abusive texts of her telling me how I am a crap mum & if she has a baby she will do a much better job. Feels strange but I must say without the negative input each day grinding me down. I feel ok not wonderful but ok.
    I hope you are not aching to much today from all the gardening. Its nice being outside to x x

  4. Well done for getting that job done Karen!

    Sft x