Thursday, 24 November 2011

All done

Thank goodness I've finished all my mandatory training for this year today. I'm sure they'll find some other course that they want me to do before I start all over again with my mandatory training next Oct - Nov 2012. I hate training days. They take up such a lot of my personal time. I work nights but training sessions are always in the day time but I do get lieu time for going in.Threw some chicken legs in the slow cooker before I left for the course so tea was rustled up in no time when I got home.

Really looking forward to watching the new series on Channel 4 tonight at 9.00pm, Living with the Amish. I'm fascinated by these people. They live such simplistic lifestyles and I'm sure it will appeal to so many people these days who yearn for a simple frugal life.

Just realised it's on in 15 minutes so I'm off to jump in the shower before it's on. Might come back to let you know what I thought of it.

Loved the programme. My girls watched it too. They watch all the Amish programmes that are on because they are fascinated by them too.  They are very quiet people but are very genuine and welcoming. I love how no technology enters their lives. No TV, no computers, no phones. The teenagers who went to experience Amish life did not even miss their technology because they were so busy. I think this is where we are going wrong. Kids don't have enough to occupy them these days so they rely on TV, mobiles, hanging on street corners and computer games to entertain them. Not once did the teenagers on the programme mention their phone or missing a TV. It's because they were occupied and busy with all the chores.

My 17 year old daughter could not believe a girl her age on the programme had never wash a pot in her life and did not know how to sweep the floor. It's not the girls fault, it's her mothers. I do let my girls off with  a lot of stuff but they do have certain jobs that must be done like washing up, taking rubbish out, filling and emptying the dishwasher ,dog walking, tidying up after themselves and attending to their own rooms. I think if kids had such busy lives as the Amish there would not be as much youth trouble as there is in society today. Can't wait to watch next weeks installment.


  1. Ah, I saw the first series of that when the Amish teens visited the UK. It was really interesting. I'll have to check out the next lot!

    I agree about chores. I didn't really have to do many but I think when I have kids I will get them to help out in order to keep them out of trouble!! :D

  2. I wanted to watch that. I will watch it on catch up. I feel a lot of my problems with my daughter have been with wanting to grow up far far to quickly. It never helped that she looks 17 & is 5ft 8.
    I love your choccy bags in the post below x x

  3. I missed this programme but it sounds fascinating. I wonder if it's repeated.

  4. The Amish way of life is based on the christian religion not our desire to be frugal so we can pay off our mortgages or go on vacation etc. It does nt do to idealize them - they are good people but have their dark side just like everyone else.
    They work on a very literal interpretation of the bible and their children dont receive any education after the age of about 12 so they are really not prepared for modern life.
    If you dont obey the rules you are "shunned".
    I live amongst them (they refer to us as "the English") and admire them but would not want be them. It is easy to look in from the outside and think they lives are so much more simple than our own. Not true.