Monday, 21 November 2011

Inventory of all food

This morning did an inventory of all the food in my cupboards, fridge and freezer. Going to try and use as much as I can from what I have and only shop for a few  things we really need. I want to clear the freezer of food to make a little space for anything I make for Christmas and to stash the turkey when I buy it. I'll cross anything I use from my list as I use it. Tonight I'm using up a tub of pork in mushroom sauce that was left over from a meal the other week. To make it stretch to two I am turning it into a pork and mushroom pie. Got plenty of flour and fats to made some pastry

I then added the pork mixture which I had thawed.

I then popped on a lid of pastry and in the oven it went. That's where the pictures end. I was going to show you the finished product but something happened with the camera after I uploaded this last picture so, it got eaten without a picture being taken.   With the scraps of leftover pastry I wrapped a couple of veggie sausages with some chopped onion inside and these were for me. We had these with mash and four different vegetables.

After our meal Hubby asked where the camera was because he wanted to take a picture. I told him the camera had locked up so didn't think he would be able to use it. Hubby sorted the camera out and told me he wanted to take a passport photo of himself because he was not going to pay a fiver for some done in a booth. He needed a passport sized photo for a safety course he's to go on this week. Anyway after some fiddling with the computer and using some photography paper we have had for years he had his photos. A fiver saved.


  1. I'll get my coat....I'm coming round for some of that yummy pie xxx

  2. Cool hubby getting in on the frugal action.

  3. That pie looks delicious. Good for you to get the freezer cleared, i start doing that often but never manage to get it properly cleared.

    I'm off to Enland today and looking greatly forward to it. My sister makes lovely pies.

    Enjoy your tuesday.

  4. I begrudge paying for passport sized photos too, you usually only need one but you're paying for four, good for your hubby. The pie looks delicious, I don't often make pastry from scratch now that I've discovered frozen pastry, I'm so lazy.