Monday, 28 February 2011

Back to our routine

well kids back at school and college today so back to a routine. I do like it when the kids are off. Not having to make pack ups or bake cakes for pack ups and no rushing around in the morning but it is nice when they go back and I can get organised again. So this morning I dropped daughter No2 at college then headed to Aldi and Tesco to do my shop. In budget again so pleased at no overspend.

Tomorrow I'm making a veggie pasta bake and wanted some peppers to roast. I bought some value range peppers in Tesco for only £1.05 and they were big peppers and one was huge!

Only needed to use two for roasting so will save the other for pizzas on Saturday. I roasted the peppers with onions, garlic cloves some leftover butternut squash and a courgette and rosemary from the garden with a glug of olive oil and a grinding of black pepper.

I roasted for about 50 minutes then popped them in a container to cool for tea tomorrow.
When in Tesco today I found a packet of reduced chicken wing for £1.20 so bought them to make some Jamie Oliver chicken wing gravy. I saw him once make this on TV and tried it at christmas and the gang really loved it.

On a tray place chopped carrots. Split a couple of onions, leave skins on. About six cloves of garlic, left whole.  I threw on the tops of some leeks and some rosemary.

 Add the chicken wings and a glug of olive oil and some black pepper. I cooked this in the oven with the roasted veg. After about an hour tip everything into a very large pan. I added 3 large spoons of plain flour then mashed everything up with a potato masher. Pour on plenty of boiling water and keep mashing. Let this simmer for an hour or so and keep giving it a mash.
You will end up with a pan of mush and bones. Place a sieve over a clean pan and keep pouring some of the mixture into the sieve and mash it through the sieve with the potato masher then discard whats left in your sieve. You will be left with some tasty gravy which you can add extra chicken juices to from a roast chicken. I freeze this in portions and just take out on the morning we will be needing it.

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  1. I hate the kids going back to school, I love having them at home with me. The house was awfully quiet today. Thanks for the gravy recipe, I bet that tastes delish.